The Folklore Society "Anton-Jože Štrafela" from Markovci was established in the year 1938 on the initiative of the ethnomusicologist France Marolt, as a few young boys and girls joined into a group which first performed at the meeting of ethnographic groups in Maribor.

In all these years the members of the Folklore Society Markovci have registered a series of appearances, 60 of which were performed abroad - in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Monte Negro, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Turkey and Macedonia.

The following sectors operate in the framework of the society:


The society is placed among the most successful societies in Slovenia due to the variety of sections operating within the society and the specifics of the environment, which comprises so many different customs and habits, especially those connected with the Carnival, and can be seen nowhere else. We are still trying to preserve everything which used to be the constant in an ordinary life of a simple farmer.

A number of years the Society has been the pillar of the folklore and preservation of the rites in the entire Slovenia. We have been awarded the Golden Marolt Award for many years of hard work in the area of folklore, which is also the highest honor awarded in Slovenia.